Reclaiming our HERstory- Samhain Special Womxn’s Circle – FREITAG, 29.10.2021



Termin & Zeit:

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2021
19:00 – 21:30Uhr


phoenix yoga
Ziegenmarkt 5
38100 Braunschweig

Do you ever feel that you don’t belong?

Do you ever feel disconnected from the place you live and the people around you?

Do you ever long for wild, free expression and deep, loving community but find the opposite everywhere you look?

This longing is what makes us human, but there is a very simple medicine for this disconnection that comes in the form of circles of sisterhood.  Sitting in circle with other women has been practiced for thousands of years, and it started way back before any of the ‚history‘ we were taught in schools.  This tradition of sharing and listening, of being together began tens of thousands of years ago, when humans lived in deep connection with the land, when women were respected for their innate body wisdom, the power to hold birth, death and rebirth within their wombs and when the goddess, Mother Earth was worshipped, instead of destroyed.

The celebration of ‚Halloween‘, or „Samhain‘ in the Celtic tradition, is known as a time of connecting with the ancestors and the spirit world.  This year, instead of dressing up as witches, I invite you to reconnect with your ‚inner witch‘, your inner ‚wise woman‘, for that is what real witches are.  This time is a powerful portal of release and shedding and so together we will reclaim our HERstory and let go of the wounding of the past, so we can move forward together with soft strength and deep inner knowing about who we are and why we are here.

Invite healing this Samhain through:

– Reframing our stories of the past and what the word ‚witch‘ means to us

– Radical rest

– Releasing blocks and activating the womb and throat

– Wise Womb embodiment practices

– Sisterhood sharing and listening circle

– Connecting with your local sisters and sharing in nourishing herbal infusions and seasonal goodness

Please bring with you a small offering for our altar to represent your journey of reconnection to your inner wise woman

Please also bring with you something yummy and seasonal, a real ‚Autumnal treat‘ to share with the circle

All people with wombs or who identify as a woman are welcome.  This is a safe space and being women all together ensures that.


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